X - r a y s   w e   p e r f o r m :

pantomographic - adult pantomographic - youth
(without eye exposion)
pantomographic - sectored
tele side head Jaw-temple joints - closed
(side projection)
Jaw-temple joints - opened
(side projection)
Jaw-temple joints - closed
(back - front projection)
Jaw-temple joints - opened
(back - front projection)
jaw bays
head PA Bite-wing in pantomographic version
(left + right)
Bite-wing in pantomographic version
(1 side)


Analog X-rays - photographic film:
Isometric Cieszyński's method
90 degrees method
Bite-plate (jaw, mandible)

Digital X-rays - foil printout with CD:
Pantomographic (complete or any of 5 pantomogram sectors)
Tele side head
Tele in PA or AP projection
Jaw-temple joints (opened and closed)
Jaw bays
Bite-wing in pantomographic version as a slice of pantomogram
and other prescribed by the Doctor


  • In order to acquire Tele and pantomographic X-rays You must provide a referral from Your Dentist.
  • We have the ability to perform eye protecting X-rays for children.
  • X-rays performed on patients under the age of 16 are obligatory filled into their child-health book's.
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